Full Service


As a full service company, we create the event page based on client requirements; integrate it with our secure credit card payment service provider; provide invoicing and receipting as required; follow up on any outstanding payments on behalf of our client; and provide a complete set of detailed reports during and after the event. There is no need for the client to be involved in the registration process once the page is made available to the public.


On Line Secure Payments


We have a long standing working relationship with an international third party credit card processing service. This allows for a high level of encrypted security comparable to banking industry standards and ensures confidentiality of the information. We do not store credit card information for security and privacy reasons.

Please see our privacy policy.


Custom Page Matching your Branding


Pages are developed in consultation with the client to ensure accuracy of content and which incorporate the client’s image or branding. This ensures a seamless interface with the public.


Real Time Updates


Our floor plans are interactive meaning that once a purchase has been made there is an immediate email sent to the purchaser confirming their purchase and the floor plan is updated in real time showing their booking status.


Immediate Payment


With our fully integrated secure credit card payment service, payment is immediately deposited into our Trust account as the purchase is completed. The purchaser receives confirmation directly from our payment service provider detailing the transaction. Upon request, we can also issue a receipt for the purchaser’s records.

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